End Of The Load

Sad news that the band at the heart of my 2008 film ‘Heavy Load’ have decided to call it a day.

Paul Richards, the band’s bassist wrote this message to Heavy Load’s fans: “It had to happen at some point but our wonderful drummer, the awesome Michael White, has finally announced that it’s time for him to put his sticks back in his bag and take a break from being a rock ‘n roll noise-monger.”

I first heard about Heavy Load in an out of date charity newsletter lying in my doctor’s surgery. They’d been together a few years and had four songs: a cover version of the Clash’s I Fought The Law; a punk hymn to English soap opera character Frank Butcher; a howled version of Wild Thing; and an anarchic reinterpretation of Kylie’s Can’t Get You Out Of My Head. They weren’t in it for fame or celebrity, they were just having a great time – and that was the starting point of the film.

Paul adds “It’s been an amazing journey for us all – who would have thought Jimmy’s idea of starting a band would have ended up with a movie, gigs in NYC and Berlin, 2 Glastonbury Festivals, a Channel 4 theme tune, 3 albums and starting the charity Stay Up Late. We always said that we’d split up due to ‘musical similarities’ but in the end we’ve decided it’s best to go out while we’re still having fun.

“We’ve made so many new friends from around the world who’ve shared in the love and chaos. Thanks to you all, we really have appreciated all the enthusiastic support we’ve received wherever we’ve been. The work of Stay Up Late will also continue and who knows one day we may just do that most rock ‘n roll of things – the come back tour!”

Heavy Load played a fittingly high profile final gig in Trafalgar Square BT Live Site during the Paralympic Games.


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